I’m a 26 year old home brewing, card playing, golfing, web designer in the Las Vegas area. Currently I am the Manager of Electronic Design for MGM Resorts International.  I spend far too much time being addicted to the internet and all the weirdness it has to offer. I eat and drink too much and hang out with far too many goth people, even though I am not goth. How goth could I be in Las Vegas if I am employed, like hockey, go to Stoney’s, and am not a “real” vampire? I’ve grown tired of the stagnant club scene here, but you’ll still find me out from time to time. If I get the opportunity, I do enjoy visiting some of the better clubs in LA like Das Bunker or Bar Sinister.

These days you are much more likely to find me out on the golf course, trying new beers at Aces & Ales, or playing poker somewhere. The rest of my free time is devoted to watching hockey, playing Xbox 360, or relaxing in front of the TV.

If you want to know something just ask me on AIM/Yahoo, DestralKW is my name for both.