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Restaurant Week!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

Its been another busy week and I see no signs of it slowing down.  Work, beer, fights, more work, and now Restaurant Week.

The weekend was pretty decent and I’ve been getting over whatever cold I had.  I finally went over to the Joseph James Brewery to help judge an amateur beer competition organized by Alex and SNAFU.  It was interesting to follow the BJCP guides and see how the process works…plus the brewery is a cool place.

Aces had some good events in the last week too.  Friday was the monthly MeetUp group and we shared some good beers.  The day before the rep for Weihenstephaner was in town and they had a few of their beers on with some really cool glassware giveaways.  They have some new Dogfish Head stuff that just came in too…Theobroma and the Miles Davis Bitch’s Brew.

Saturday there were UFC fights.  They hyped a big boxing vs MMA match with James Toney debuting against Randy Couture.  It wasn’t hard to predict Randy was going to use a single leg, get the takedown, and have his way with Toney.  Not so predictably, BJ Penn got owned in the co-main event again by Frankie Edgar.

Now its Restaurant Week!  Last year we tried out Roy’s Hawaiian and it was great.  You get to try some fine dining places at a bit of a discount and it helps charity. Win win!  So this year I wanted to finally try Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill.  We are going to be headed there tomorrow to check it out.   This year they are also doing a lot more events at the various restaurants in addition to the tasting menus.  The MGM folks hooked me up with a pass to the kickoff event at Wet Republic Monday.  The Jean-Georges short rib was absolutely incredible.  I just wish I had more money to try some of the other restaurants.

Catching up…

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Well now that I actually have somewhere to post again, might as well make use of it.

The last few months have been much the same.  Work has been very busy with more transitioning.  So I guess we’ll see how things land this time.

Over the past few months Skizofrenia closed down and some new nights popped up.  Can’t say I’ve had any real urge to go out to these places.  Haven’t missed it really.  I imagine at some point I’ll check out the new venue if I’m bored.

Been enjoying the homebrewing and craft beer stuff.  Aces has had some really great events, the meetups have been fun, my latest tripel wasn’t half bad, and been able to tick off a couple more of my big wants.  Couple weeks ago I went down to Escondido for the Stone Sour beer festival.  What a great place that bistro and garden is.  So many excellent sour beers.  Cascade, Cantillon, Lost Abbey…oh man.  We ended up making our way to Pizza Port Carlsbad and their bottle shop after the event.  They have some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.  Even better was the place is walking distance from the beach.  First time I’d ever been to the Pacific ocean.  The whole day was such a blast.

Still not sure what I want to do with the site.  I have a dozen ideas floating in my head.  Not sure if I want to integrate Word Press into it or not either yet.  I guess we’ll see what happens when I have time.