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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

After multiple showers and washing my hands a few dozen times, I still smell like Hot N Juicy Crawfish!  I finally made it over there to try it out, and it didn’t disappoint.   The crew was there to celebrate Linda’s birthday.  Over the course of a few hours it looked like a seafood apocalypse.  Crawfish, crab, shrimp, oysters, 2 full lobsters…and sausage! Haha.  Good stuff though.

Following the long dinner we also stopped by Frankie’s for a drink.  I didn’t stick around for more than one because of the time and work in the morning.  Had to get one of the redesigned mugs though.  There’s a second one I dont have too. =(

Just past hump day, and I’m already pretty worn out.  Work, Linda’s birthday, and meeting a couple of MGM Grand Detroit people Monday night at the Pub took a bit out of me.  I need to recover for the busy weekend.  Aces & Ales is having their Strong Ale festival all weekend.  Toss in Ken’s housewarming/poker game on Saturday night, I’m going to be feeling good.