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Roid Rage

Thursday, January 9th, 2014

It’s not easy being a 4 ft tall Filipino with a mo-hawk. All he wants to do is karaoke and drink Kool-Loons in peace. But don’t let his wee stature fool you.  He will sell your ass in jail for 3 soups without batting an eye.

Punched In The Face

All Day Bro!

So with that being said, I introduce Rufio’s weekly top 5 list of douches that need to be punched in the face!

  1. Male nurse Michael Fischer
  2. Drool king Richie Plunkett
  3. Anyone responsible for brewing Sandia
  4. Girard Berry
  5. Bitches holding up the line at Walmart with their coupons

Until next week, Bangarang!