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Another weekend in the books

Monday, September 13th, 2010

So it was a pretty fun weekend.  More football, more beer, and hanging with friends.

Michigan is 2-0 now.  The supposedly tough matchup against U-Conn never materialized, and they won a bit of a nail-biter against Notre Dame this week.  I’m still thinking the season follows a lot like last years, which wont be good when all is said and done.  But Denard Robinson sure can run.  Back to back Offensive Player of the Week awards and over 800 all purpose yards…scary.  I’m not sold on him being able to keep this up though.

On the other hand, the Lions got screwed today.  First they lost Stafford and then they lose the game on a bogus call at the end.  I’m not going to argue whether the call was good or not, bu regardless the rule is retarded.

Before those games could happen though, Chris and I went to Aces and Ales for the first game of the NFL season.  While it wasn’t nearly as exciting as last years NFC Championship game, the Saints still beat the Vikings.  Even better was drinking some delicious Ballast Point Sculpin during the game.

Saturday there was a beer festival out a Town Square.  The crew all came out, even Aaron, to try some beers.  Ryan brought out some good stuff for the Aces and Ales tent, and Joseph James had a real winner in the new barrel version of their RIS.  Afterward we went to Famous Daves for some BBQ.

Speaking of food, I guess I should comment about the outing to Mesa Grill.  That dinner was damn good!  The dining area itself was unimpressive, but the food more than made up for it.  If you ever go I definitely recommend the pork loin.  So amazing!

The only other thing really of note was checking out the new Resident Evil in 3D.  Somehow I’ve managed to go quite awhile without seeing something in Imax or Real 3D.  The movie is what I expected, meaning it wasn’t that good, but the 3D is interesting.  My one complaint would be how washed out and dark everything is.  I think I’d just prefer the vibrant colors and normal digital HD and save the extra $4.

Death becomes me

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Being sick sucks.  I probably should have taken the last 2 days off, but there’s so much that needs to be done I decided to rough it out.  Hopefully this starts to clear up before the weekend.

As I previously posted, Aces & Ales had their Strong Beer festival recently.  I didn’t get a chance to post about it yet, but it was a blast.  I probably spent more than I should have though.  I was pleasantly surprised by the Kasteel and Moylans beers on tap.  I’ll be back at Aces Friday for the monthly MeetUp group.

This last weekend was fun too.  Greg had another BBQ at his house.  It was probably the best food he’s had yet.  Everything came out so damn good!   Justin finally was able to come out to one of the gatherings, so there was some fun talks about the ridiculousness that was Traffic Power.  Saturday I ended up catching The Expendables with Sarah and Chris at Rave.

Alright, that’s all the energy I have for now.  Time for more water and rest.

Another weekend in the books

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Didn’t really get anywhere on the redesign yet. Still hashing out a dozen different ideas and am uncertain with which way I want to go.  I didn’t even really finish a simple coming soon page to throw up in the meantime and just link over to this.  So this post is still hidden to the world…lol.

In any event, it was a peaceful weekend.  Burned through some terrible movies on Netflix.  Made some BBQ porkchops and chicken curry.  Tried some interesting tequila and picked up the new Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale over at Khourys.  Now I’m just going through some Sunday tv.  It’s almost time for True Blood!

This week should be an interesting one…