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Thursday, August 12th, 2010

After multiple showers and washing my hands a few dozen times, I still smell like Hot N Juicy Crawfish!  I finally made it over there to try it out, and it didn’t disappoint.   The crew was there to celebrate Linda’s birthday.  Over the course of a few hours it looked like a seafood apocalypse.  Crawfish, crab, shrimp, oysters, 2 full lobsters…and sausage! Haha.  Good stuff though.

Following the long dinner we also stopped by Frankie’s for a drink.  I didn’t stick around for more than one because of the time and work in the morning.  Had to get one of the redesigned mugs though.  There’s a second one I dont have too. =(

Just past hump day, and I’m already pretty worn out.  Work, Linda’s birthday, and meeting a couple of MGM Grand Detroit people Monday night at the Pub took a bit out of me.  I need to recover for the busy weekend.  Aces & Ales is having their Strong Ale festival all weekend.  Toss in Ken’s housewarming/poker game on Saturday night, I’m going to be feeling good.

Aaron’s Birthday

Monday, August 9th, 2010

This was a pretty busy week.  Between having my first week and as manager and catching up on the new teams I’m over, working on some freelance projects, and weekend celebrating…I am worn out.

Friday night was pretty crazy.  I stopped off at Aces & Ales because they were doing their 1 year anniversary customer appreciation night.  Had a free beer and said hello to some people, then split for Firefly downtown for Aaron’s birthday partying.  Chris, Linda, some of Aaron’s coworkers, and other random people came and went through the course of the night.  Firefly at the Plaza has a pretty nice setup, but its basically the same as the place on Paradise.

After getting some food and a few drinks, the party moved from venue to venue downtown.  Fremont Street, Downtown Cocktail Lounge, Brass, Griffin, and Aaron’s hotel room at the Golden Nugget.  Downtown was pretty ridiculous considering it was First Friday.  The Cocktail Lounge and Brass suffered from some considerably bad bartending.  Griffin remains the best hangout spot down there.  All the specifics aren’t important, but it was a fun night partying with friends.  I ended up getting back to my car at the Plaza as the sun came up.

Saturday we had a more chill guy’s night.  Watched the UFC fights, had some drinks, and downloaded The Human Centipede.  Poor Chael Sonnen.  At least Hughes choked out another Disgracie protege.

I expect this week to be just as hectic.  Going to be meeting some of the MGM Grand Detroit people after work Monday.  Linda is having her birthday dinner Tuesday at Hot N Juice Crawfish.  Then this next weekend is the strong ale festival at Aces & Ales and a poker game at Ken’s new house.