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A full year???

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

No goddamn way!  How did I manage to go a full year without making a single post?  That is absolutely ridiculous.

Work at MGM Resorts has been hectic pretty much non-stop.  I can’t remember the last slow time we had.  The little remaining energy I’ve had goes straight to beer mostly.  Had some great road trips, flew to Denver for GABF, whale hunting, and everything in between.  Now its fall already.  Hockey has started.  Football is here.  Halloween and my birthday are in the next couple weeks.  Hopefully I won’t fall off the face of the internet again…

At some point I’ll be able to finally setup a real site here again instead of this temporary WP blog.  Big plans for the site, my freelance site, and some other projects.

Temporary Page Up

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

I couldn’t stand to look at my old site 1 more day.  Banged out a “under construction” page and a quick reskin of WP as a placeholder until I figure out the full redesign.  Hopefully this isn’t up still in 2011…


Another weekend in the books

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Didn’t really get anywhere on the redesign yet. Still hashing out a dozen different ideas and am uncertain with which way I want to go.  I didn’t even really finish a simple coming soon page to throw up in the meantime and just link over to this.  So this post is still hidden to the world…lol.

In any event, it was a peaceful weekend.  Burned through some terrible movies on Netflix.  Made some BBQ porkchops and chicken curry.  Tried some interesting tequila and picked up the new Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale over at Khourys.  Now I’m just going through some Sunday tv.  It’s almost time for True Blood!

This week should be an interesting one…

Done for now

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Well at least I think I got all of my old back posts into Word Press.  About 840 posts dating back to 2001.  This week I’ll begin working on my own skin and redesign for my website (hopefully)…and then this will actually moved back over to public.

Its sucked not being able to post through my old Blogger account after they discontinued FTP publishing.  I could have setup some stuff on my domain name to still work with Google account, but my registrar wanted $30 a year or something to let me edit DNS records.  No thanks.  This will be a good reason to finally get off my ass and redo my website after 5 years, and mess around in Word Press.