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Catching up…

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Well now that I actually have somewhere to post again, might as well make use of it.

The last few months have been much the same.  Work has been very busy with more transitioning.  So I guess we’ll see how things land this time.

Over the past few months Skizofrenia closed down and some new nights popped up.  Can’t say I’ve had any real urge to go out to these places.  Haven’t missed it really.  I imagine at some point I’ll check out the new venue if I’m bored.

Been enjoying the homebrewing and craft beer stuff.  Aces has had some really great events, the meetups have been fun, my latest tripel wasn’t half bad, and been able to tick off a couple more of my big wants.  Couple weeks ago I went down to Escondido for the Stone Sour beer festival.  What a great place that bistro and garden is.  So many excellent sour beers.  Cascade, Cantillon, Lost Abbey…oh man.  We ended up making our way to Pizza Port Carlsbad and their bottle shop after the event.  They have some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.  Even better was the place is walking distance from the beach.  First time I’d ever been to the Pacific ocean.  The whole day was such a blast.

Still not sure what I want to do with the site.  I have a dozen ideas floating in my head.  Not sure if I want to integrate Word Press into it or not either yet.  I guess we’ll see what happens when I have time.